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Root Canal Therapy
Restorative Dentistry

Root Canal Therapy

Get gentle root canal therapy at every Enamel Dentistry studio in Texas

Protect And Repair Infected Teeth

When a cavity is left too long, or a tooth has experienced trauma, oral bacteria can infect the nerve, which can be painful. If left untreated and a root canal doesn't remove infection, this may eventually result in tooth loss. While a root canal sounds scary, it's a relatively simple and painless procedure with local anesthesia. Or you can opt for sedation if that makes you more comfortable.

Root Canal Therapy

Preserve Your Natural Tooth With A Root Canal

Signs And Symptoms

An infected tooth can lead to throbbing toothaches, sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures, and pain when chewing.

Relieve The Pain

Root canals are less painful than an inflamed tooth. Once the damaged pulp is removed, the source of pain is eliminated.

Stop Infection Spread

If the infection spreads it could result in an abscess, damage to the surrounding bone, and systemic complications.


A root canal can be more cost-effective than extracting and replacing the tooth with a bridge or implant.

Come In And See Us
We'll Have You Grinning From The Chin Up

Whatever dental procedure or treatment you need,
we'll make sure your time with us is comfortable, enjoyable and informative.

Whatever dental procedure or treatment you need, we'll make sure your time with us is comfortable, enjoyable and informative.

We're changing the way patients experience the dentist. Our primary concern is your oral health and making sure you feel comfortable coming to see us. We know it can be scary visiting the dentist. But our philosophy of providing an easy and fun experience combined with our use of advanced AI tools, we know you'll feel different about coming to see us.

We offer:

The best dental care
Fun, friendly and non-judgey staff
Honest and transparent treatment
Comfortable chairs
TV's for entertaining distractions
Financing options
Schedule Online
a person wearing blue gloves holding a pair of scissors

AI Technology That Doesn't Miss A Thing

We've invested in top-of-the-line tools and the latest technology to improve efficiency and patient care. No more goopy impressions! From AI and 3D printers to iTero for digital and diagnostic impressions, we're equipped with proven equipment to ensure that every procedure is comfortable, convenient and ensures an accurate fit. Combining technology and innovations with our highly professional and knowledgeable dental team enables us to deliver the best treatment outcomes consistently.

Schedule Online
Root Canal Therapy
Root Canal Therapy
a woman sitting on a green chair looking at her reflection in a mirror

Don't Let Finances Come Between You And A Beautiful Healthy Smile

We understand the frustration of needing dental care while feeling it may not be affordable. You shouldn't have to worry about paying for your oral health. That's why we have several options to help you easily finance your dental treatment.

3500+ rave reviews and counting

Enamel Dentistry Patients Are The Best

"I haven't gone to the dentist in a long while and was nervous/embarrassed about my teeth & gums, but my dentist made me feel extremely comfortable"

Vanessa M.

"Root canal went as good as it could be..the staff were beyond friendly and made me as comfortable as I could be!"


"I get so much anxiety about going to the dentist but this place made me feel right at ease as soon as I walked in."

Klaudia V.

"There's nothing more I dislike then going to the dentist and having people mess with my mouth BUT I genuinely enjoyed Enamel Dentistry from the second I walked in."

Sierra E.

The More You Know,
The Better Your Oral Health Will Be

Over the Counter Vs. Professional Teeth Whitening: Which Is Better?a dental room with a large flat screen tv

Over the Counter Vs. Professional Teeth Whitening: Which Is Better?

November 16, 2022

Stroll through any drug store, and you’ll find numerous over-the-counter (OTC) teeth whitening products. How do these differ from what’s used at the dentist’s office—and which is better? Isn’t it just easier to whiten your teeth at home?

The Main Difference Between OTC and Professional Teeth Whitening

There are many types of OTC teeth whitening products available, including strips, gels, toothpaste, and bleach kits. While some of these products are pretty good, they all have a much lower concentration of the whitening agent than what’s used at the dentist’s office. You’ll also be applying it to your teeth over a shorter period of time. Essentially, you’ll see less of a change in the appearance of your smile, and it will take much longer.

At Enamel Dentistry, we use a higher-concentrated bleaching gel, which allows us to whiten your teeth by 5-10 shades in a single office visit. It’s much more effective than OTC whiteners! OTC bleaching gels can cause sensitivity and discomfort; we use custom trays and monitor you the entire time to make sure you have a comfortable experience throughout the entire process.

In addition, some OTC whitening products contain charcoal or other substances that can damage your enamel!

What About Convenience?

OTC whiteners are certainly convenient—you just need to grab one off the shelf and use it at home. Believe it or not, professional teeth cleaning can be just as convenient! At Enamel Dentistry, you don’t have to sit in the dentist’s chair to get a whiter, brighter smile. Although that’s certainly an option, we also offer custom take-home whitening kits. While still more effective than OTC products, they’re designed to give you gentler, more gradual treatment than what you’d get with our in-office whitening. This is perfect for patients who’d like a more natural whitening process or don’t have the time for in-office appointments.

Want to learn more about our professional teeth whitening or schedule an appointment? Contact your closest Enamel Dentistry location today!

Welcome To Our Fresh New Site!a dental room with a large flat screen tv

Welcome To Our Fresh New Site!

October 7, 2020

Enamel Dentistry is Growing!

We’re excited to announce our newest location in Lantana Place along with our brand new website! We want to make it as easy as possible to get quality dental care in Austin, so our convenient locations and our brand new website were built with your ease and comfort in mind. If you’re looking for a friendly, inviting dental office in Parmer Park, South Lamar, or Lantana Place, stop by Enamel Dentistry today!

WhatYouCanExpectfromEnamel Dentistry

Everyone on our team at Enamel Dentistry is dedicated to providing patients in Austin with an exceptional dental care experience. From the time you walk through the door at any of our locations, we’ll treat you with kindness and respect. Our communicative, approachable team is here to answer any questions you make have, and we love to chat with patients because we take a genuine interest in more than just your smile— we want to get to know all of our patients on a personal level. At Enamel Dentistry, you’ll always feel like a friend, whether you’re in the lobby or the operatory.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of every patient. From pediatric dentistry to cosmetic treatment, Enamel Dentistry provides quality dental care for every member of your family. Whether you need a small filling or restorative care the includes a root canal, implants, or other oral surgery, our experts can treat dental health issues whether they are minor or severe. Call us today to schedule your appointment for preventive, restorative, cosmetic, or emergency care.

New to Enamel Dentistry?

If it’s your first time visiting Enamel Dentistry, we offer an $88 New Patient Special to make sure you have everything you need to get started with us. Our special offer includes a comprehensive exam, professional cleaning, and x-rays. Book your first appointment to see what we’re all about! You can call us at (512) 717-5315 or stop by any of our three locations in Austin.

Invisalign Care Guidea dental room with a large flat screen tv

Invisalign Care Guide

February 20, 2024

Post – Operative Instructions: Invisalign

What To Expect

● Soreness: Most people feel some soreness or tenderness for the first day or so of a new stage. Not only is this normal, it is an important sign that the aligners are working and are actively moving your teeth where they need to be. It is OK to take Tylenol every 4-6 hours as needed for the soreness but DO NOT take Ibuprofen as studies have shown ibuprofen to interfere with the process of tooth movement.

● Speech: Thankfully, aligners never affect speech like regular braces do; however, during the first set of aligners, it can take a few days to speak normally as your tongue gets used to the aligners in the mouth. 

How To Get The Best Results

● Wear Your Aligners 22 Hours per Day: Aligners should only be taken out while eating and brushing. Brush, floss and wear the aligners as quickly as possible after eating.

● Use Your Munchie: Using your munchie daily is important to the success of your treatment. Use the munchie on all upper front, lower front, and upper/lower canine teeth. Munchie for 10-15 seconds every time an aligner is placed in the mouth and for 10 minutes before bed and after switching to a new aligner. *Replacement Munchie Fee: $20* | How to use your munchie

● Keep Aligners and Teeth Clean: Brush your teeth and your aligners after every meal. If you brush your teeth, brush your aligners as well with soap and water if possible.

● Inserting Aligners: Start with your front teeth and gently move backward. 

● Removing Aligners: Start with your back teeth by unseating the aligner with your finger nail in the back. Gently wiggle them off towards the front. NEVER pull straight down from the back because it can crack the aligner in half. 

● Changing Aligners: Each set will be worn 7 days each unless otherwise directed by your dentist. When you’re scheduled and ready to switch aligners, we recommend switching before bed so that you sleep off any discomfort. Take Tylenol every 4-6 hours as needed for the first day or two of a new set of aligners to minimize discomfort.

● Never Toss Used Aligners: When you’ve completed a set, clean them and store them in their original pouch. Used aligners are great back-ups if an aligner is lost or broken. 

● Lost Aligners: If you accidentally lose or break a set of aligners, wear your previous set of aligners UNLESS you are within 2 days of your next aligner switch. If you are within 2 days of your next switch, move up to the next aligner set after consulting with your dentist. If you are not within 2 days of your next switch, please contact the office so that we can order a replacement for a fee while continuing to wear your previous set of aligners.

● Lost Bonded Attachments: If you lose an Invisalign “button,” off of your teeth, please make an appointment to have it replaced as soon as you can. It’s not the end of the world if one comes off, as the teeth should continue to move well, however it is important to get it replaced as soon as you can to optimize the treatment. It is a good idea to have an idea of what teeth have attachments so you can keep track of it yourself!

Aligner Care

● Hand Wash: Soap and Water Only. Don’t expose the aligners to boiling water, mouthwash, denture cleaner or alcohol.

● Aligner Storage: While eating or brushing, ALWAYS store your aligners in your Invisalign

storage case. NEVER WRAP YOUR ALIGNERS IN A NAPKIN, they will usually get thrown away!

● Beware of Pets: Look out for hungry pets! Dogs and cats LOVE aligners.

● Replacing Lost or Damaged Aligners: Lost or damaged aligners may be replaced by

Invisalign as necessary for a fee. Invisalign charges a replacement fee for every aligner

that must be remade once it has been delivered to a patient. That is why it is so critical to

insert and remove aligners properly and to store them in the proper case. *Replacement Aligner Fee: $30*

No items yet. Stay tuned.

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