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Tzeachten Administration Offices & Community Centre
45855 Promontory Road Chilliwack, B.C. V2R 0H3
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6700 Alma Rd STE 400
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Tzeachten Administration Offices & Community Centre
45855 Promontory Road Chilliwack, B.C. V2R 0H3
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Cosmetic Makeovers
Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Makeovers

Boost your confidence with a cosmetic makeover from any Enamel Dentistry studio in Texas

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Enamel Dentistry has helped over 1200 patients transform their smile with Invisalign and we will help you too! Using digital health scans of your teeth we can show you what your transformed smile will look like before you start treatment so that you can feel good about your choice to get started!

Cosmetic Makeovers

Improve Your Appearance With A Smile Makeover

If you're unhappy with your smile for multiple reasons, you may want to consider a full makeover. A cosmetic dental makeover encompasses a range of dental procedures aimed at improving the aesthetic appearance of a smile. The extent and components of a cosmetic dental makeover will vary based on the individual's needs, existing dental conditions, and desired outcomes.

Treatments You Can Use To Get A New Smile

Teeth Whitening

Boost your smile with a shine. Whitening is a fast non-invasive way to make your teeth stand out in a good way.

Upgrade Dental Work

Replace fillings and old crowns. It's a simple procedure that can improve the appearance of your smile dramatically.

Bonding And Veneers

Cover up the imperfections. Mitigate issues like stains, gaps, minor chips, damage, and other cosmetic issues.


Straighten your teeth. Invisalign and ClearCorrect will give you a straighter smile with a virtually invisible treatment.

Come In And See Us
We'll Have You Grinning From The Chin Up

Whatever dental procedure or treatment you need,
we'll make sure your time with us is comfortable, enjoyable and informative.

Whatever dental procedure or treatment you need, we'll make sure your time with us is comfortable, enjoyable and informative.

We're changing the way patients experience the dentist. Our primary concern is your oral health and making sure you feel comfortable coming to see us. We know it can be scary visiting the dentist. But our philosophy of providing an easy and fun experience combined with our use of advanced AI tools, we know you'll feel different about coming to see us.

We offer:

The best dental care
Fun, friendly and non-judgey staff
Honest and transparent treatment
Comfortable chairs
TV's for entertaining distractions
Financing options
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A woman getting a Dental Checkup with her Dentist in 78704

AI Technology That Doesn't Miss A Thing

We've invested in top-of-the-line tools and the latest technology to improve efficiency and patient care. No more goopy impressions! From AI and 3D printers to iTero for digital and diagnostic impressions, we're equipped with proven equipment to ensure that every procedure is comfortable, convenient and ensures an accurate fit. Combining technology and innovations with our highly professional and knowledgeable dental team enables us to deliver the best treatment outcomes consistently.

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AI Technology That Doesn't Miss A Thing
AI Technology That Doesn't Miss A Thing
a woman sitting on a green Dentist chair looking at her Invisalign in a mirror at Enamel Dentistry

Don't Let Finances Come Between You And A Beautiful Healthy Smile

We understand the frustration of needing dental care while feeling it may not be affordable. You shouldn't have to worry about paying for your oral health. That's why we have several options to help you easily finance your dental treatment.

3500+ rave reviews and counting

Enamel Dentistry Patients Are The Best

"The office has a beautiful modern design and state of the art technology. No long waits and efficient visits. Great office and efficient team"

Rasa R.

"I needed a crown. They were able to accommodate my schedule and completed the crown in one visit. No temporary crown needed."

Melissa H.

"Great first experience at Enamel Dentistry. All the staff instantly made me feel very comfortable and heard when I voiced my concerns regarding my oral health."

Michelle J.

"The visit was personalized to me. I don’t normally enjoy the dentist but after my first visit here I didn’t want to leave."

Jasmine A.

"They were so accommodating for taking in my daughter without any prior notice, and went above and beyond to ensure her well-being."

Noor T.

"There’s a reason all of the reviews you read about this place are 5 stars; it’s because they’re fantastic! I’m all smiles and they’ve got it looking better than ever!"

Josh H.

"As someone who has had a fair share of dental appointments, I can confidently say that this was one of the best dental visits I've ever had."

Archana B.

"Everyone was friendly and made me feel welcomed. Instead of just treating me like a patient or number, he was interested in learning more about me as a person."

Lance P.

"They explain everything to you and are straight forward. This place is non judgmental and everything you could need from the dentist."


"Could you ever imagine actually being excited to go to the dentist? Because that's how I feel about Dr. Ravin's office. He and his assistants are very friendly and transparent about the work they do."


"Nobody actually likes going to the dentist but Enamel was the best dental practice I’ve been to. I don’t dread going to the dentist now."

Connie F.

"First impressions are lasting impressions and every person I met in this office is very professional and pleasant. I give them 10 stars!!"

Kim D.

"This was hands down the best experience I have ever had at a dentist office! After a horrible experience at another Manor dentist office years ago I ruled out Manor completely."

Zenaida P.

"I am absolutely thrilled with the exceptional dental experience I had during my wisdom teeth procedure. From start to finish, they went above and beyond to ensure my complete satisfaction."

Hanna S.

"Today was my first visit. Each person I interacted with made sure I felt at ease and understood exactly what would happen at each stage of the process."

Courtney R.

"Enamel Dentist - This was the best experience I had going into a dentist office about my teeth, The Team made me feel comfortable and at ease."

Michelle E.

"Amazingly great staff and environment. I get very anxious around any dental work, but this place has awesome energy. Friendly staff and super high tech tools."

Melanie B.

"I can’t describe how much I have always disliked the visits to the dentist, but now, I’m actually looking forward to my next one next week!"

Anthony O.

"Very impressed with the facility and state of the art technology. The doctor, staff, and clinic far exceeded my expectations"

Arias C.

"As someone who, like many, is not particularly fond of dental visits, I must commend this practice for significantly improving my perspective on dental care."

Cassie V.

"I have never felt more welcomed as a new patient at a doctors office than I did at Enamel Dentistry. The entire staff is so incredibly kind, helpful, and deeply knowledgeable in oral health."

Kaylee G.

"They make the dreaded experience of going to the dentist as pleasant as possible. It’s a beautiful, modern setting with fantastic amenities"

Tara G

"I hate the dentist but they are so friendly and kind at Enamel Dentistry. They also have some of the most up to date facilities!"

Kelly G.

"After 28 years, my long-time dentist retired and I was worried about who could replace him. I am grateful and happy to be in such good hands!"

Mary S.

"The team are very talented, knowledgeable, and accommodating–going the extra mile to make my experience comfortable [and borderline therapeutic]. I can’t wait to make my next appointment.

Joby E.

"They are so good they make going to the dentist's office enjoyable. I genuinely look forward to each visit with them at the Grove."

Jared G.

"I have never left the dentist so happy and understood before. Everyone was also so friendly the minute I stepped into the office."

Sofia C.

"One of the best dental experiences I have ever had! This practice has the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment."

Roberto S

"As someone who hadn’t been to the dentist in over 3 years I felt very welcomed and assured throughout my entire visit that I would be well taken care of."

Michael M.

"This is the best dentist I have ever been to! I recently got work done overseas and was having issues. Dr. was able to quickly diagnose and treat the issue."

Arvind. P.

"Truly an amazing dentist practice - from the moment you walk in the door. I absolutely dread going to the dentist but they made the experience much more calming and even enjoyable."

Mallory G.

"I had fillings, cleanings, and Invisalign done here over the course of 6~9 months. Super happy with the results.

Leo G.

"I’m looking forward to getting more work completed to better my smile and dental health!"

Joe P.

"I love enamel dentistry because they can you get their offices the same day. They genuinely care about their patients."

Delores J.

"For the first time in my life I am not in a panic when I have a dentist appointment."

Hal F.

"Clean, cute office. Everyone is super efficient and personable. Overall great experience."

Maelia R

"Before doing anything, they confirmed that my insurance would cover the cost of each step of the exam and cleaning — no unexpected charges at the end."

Matthew M

"The Dr. was meticulous and ensured that the crowns not only fit perfectly but also looked natural.


"I haven't gone to the dentist in a long while and was nervous/embarrassed about my teeth & gums, but my dentist made me feel extremely comfortable"

Vanessa M.

"There is no better way to describe it than a personal, elevated dentist visit. The most important part of the visit is of course - the quality of care."

Payal K.

"I now have a radiant smile with beautifully aligned teeth. I highly recommend them for exceptional dental care."

Aakrita R.

"The Best Dental Care! Amazingly thorough and very attentive and conscientious of their patients."

Donna P.

"I felt like they cared. I have never had a dentist explain things they way they did."

Marissa W.

"I love enamel at saltillo! they are so wonderful, respectful, and understanding when I urgently came to them with a traumatic teeth situation."

Sarah L.