Your search for tooth shaping near Sunset Valley is officially over! At Enamel Dentistry South Lamar, our skilled and friendly team is here to give you the smile you’ve always wanted—the smile you deserve. 

Specifically, we provide myriad services to help ensure you’re proud to show off those pearly whites, including cosmetic contouring. Could this be an option for you and your dental needs? Learn more now! 

Convenient and Affordable Tooth Bonding 

Are you experiencing dental issues like gaps, misshapen/slightly crooked teeth, or minor damage? If so, tooth bonding could be right for you. 

The process is simple: One of our dentists will use dental risen to reshape all teeth that may be cosmetically flawed. The resin is applied directly to your teeth and shaped into the correct form. Then, the resin is hardened with UV light and perfected and polished until it blends with the rest of your smile. 

The best part: This non-invasive procedure can produce results in just one visit to our office! 

The Best Cosmetic Contouring Around 

Remember, there are so many wonderful benefits of tooth bonding, including: 

  • Correct and restore teeth that are slightly damaged or flawed 
  • Can be used with teeth whitening to help treat and cover stains 
  • Results can last up to 10 years or longer 
  • Quick, painless, and cost-effective 

So, are you ready to get started? Our tooth shaping services in the Sunset Valley area are affordable and convenient—call us today! 

Contact Us for Tooth Shaping by Sunset Valley 

Don’t delay your dental needs for another minute—instead, contact us for tooth shaping around Sunset Valley now! To speak to a member of the team at Enamel Dentistry South Lamar, simply call (512) 717-5315. We look forward to working with you!