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Have you been searching for a quick, non-invasive way to address minor imperfections in your smile? Good news! Enamel Dentistry South Lamar offers tooth shaping, also known as cosmetic contouring. From small chips to irregularly-shaped teeth, tooth shaping is a great option for many Barton Hills patients. Did we mention that it’s also very affordable?

What is Tooth Shaping and How Can It Help My Smile?

Minor imperfections in your smile might not be very noticeable to any else – but you know they’re there. You may have just decided to live with them, rather than deal with dental procedures. Fortunately, tooth shaping, bonding, and contouring can help. The procedure involves using a putty-like resin on your tooth to shape and mold it into a more desirable size and shape. Beyond chips and irregularly-shaped teeth, we can use tooth bonding for a wide range of concerns, including:

What Can I Expect?

If you’re interested in tooth shaping, we’ll start by giving you a thorough teeth cleaning and then add a special solution that will roughen your enamel. This will help the resin bond well to your tooth. We also recommend an enamelplasty for some patients, which involves removing a tiny amount of enamel so we can enhance the shape of the tooth. We generally recommend this for teeth that have small pits, chips, or other types of irregularities. After your tooth is prepared, it’s time for the bonding! We’ll find the perfect shade, so your tooth matches its neighbors perfectly. Before you leave, we’ll trim the bonding material, harden it with UV light, and give it a good polish – and then you’ll be good to go! You’ll likely be in and out of the office within 30 minutes to one hour (per tooth). We’ll also give you all the details on how to take care of your newly bonded tooth.

Visit Enamel Dentistry to Find Out if Tooth Bonding is Right for You

Wondering if tooth bonding is right for you? Schedule an appointment with us! We offer everything our Barton Hills patients need to have a beautiful, strong smile. And don’t think just because we provide awesome care means we’re stuffy! We make sure every visit is fun, positive, and catered to making you feel relaxed, comfortable, and at home. Enjoy relaxing amenities from our comfort menu, like beer, wine, a cozy blanket, or catch up on some Netflix using our noise-canceling headphones. Contact us today!