Toddlers & Swollen Gums – What You Need To Know

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If you’re a new parent and your toddler has swollen gums, you may be concerned. Is this normal? Do you need to call a dentist? How can you help them with the pain and discomfort of gum swelling? In this blog from Enamel Dentistry, we’ll answer all of your questions about toddlers and swollen gums.

Should I Be Worried About My Toddler’s Swollen Gums? 

In most cases, the answer is no. Gum health issues like gingivitis are very rare in toddlers. If your toddler’s gums are swollen and tender, this is likely due to the natural teething process.

As the teeth begin to move beneath the surface of the gums, the gums may look swollen or red, and seem inflamed. Your toddler may also be cranky or complain of pain in their mouth if they’re old enough to do so. 

However, this is completely normal. As their tooth erupts, their gums will stop swelling and will become less inflamed. Once the tooth has fully erupted, you will no longer notice any serious inflammation or swelling around the area. 

Throughout the teething process, make sure to follow proper pediatric oral care precautions to keep your child’s mouth healthy. Brush their teeth with a blob of fluoride toothpaste no larger than a grain of rice (until the age of 3), and make sure you see your dentist at Enamel Dentistry every six months for a consultation.

Tips To Mitigate Teething Pain At Home

Teething can cause your child a lot of discomfort, but there are a few easy ways you can mitigate teething pain at home. 

When Should I Call My Dentist? 

While this is rare in toddlers who are receiving proper oral care, it’s possible for toddlers to be affected by gingivitis or gum infections. If your toddler’s gums are very swollen, discolored, and bleed easily, they may have gingivitis.

Other potential signs of an issue include a high fever, pus draining from any area of their gums, or red streaks leading from a particular area of their gums. If you notice any of these issues, you should call your pediatric dentist for an emergency consultation immediately. 

Get The Dental Care You Need For Your Toddler At Enamel Dentistry

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