Tips To Prevent Childhood Cavities

Establishing a proper dental care routine early-on in your child’s life is the best way of keeping childhood cavities and other dental problems at bay. Cavities in children could lead to tooth loss, speech problems, crooked teeth, pain, tooth decay etc.

Childhood cavities are 100 percent preventable provided the following tips are followed religiously.

1. Visiting A Dentist Regularly
The best time to commence dental check-ups after their first birthday. Starting early makes a huge difference in preventing cavities. The dentist will help in providing guidance related to your child’s fluoride requirements and dental care. Sealants might be recommended on your child’s molars to protect the enamel and keep germs and food particles out of the little crevices where they tend to accumulate.

2. No Bedtime Bottles
Giving your child a bedtime bottle might be a comforting ritual, but it’s guaranteed to cause cavities. The sugar from the milk left around the teeth is the perfect recipe for cavity formation, infections and pain. If your child can’t do without a bottle, you can swap the milk with plain water to provide the same comforting feeling sans the risk of cavity formation.

3. Establishing Cleaning Routines
Even infants need a cleaning routine. Their gums should be cleaned with a clean damp cloth. Older kids should get into the habit of brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. This will help in preventing the formation of oral bacteria. In addition to brushing and flossing, encourage your child to rinse out food particles left in the mouth after each meal.

4. Diet Check
Your child’s diet plays a major role in preventing childhood cavities. Limit the consumption of sugary snacks and drinks such as sodas and high sugar juices, sticky foods like honey and caramel etc. Incorporate nutrient dense foods in your child’s diet as this will make it easier for the tissues in the mouth to resist infection. Also, wisely choose foods like fruits, breads, cereals etc. by checking out their sugar content. Avoid the consumption of starchy foods like crackers and potato chips.

5. Set An Example
Children look up to adults in their lives when it comes to developing good habits. If your child sees you adopting good dental habits, there are higher chances he/she will do the same. Make brushing time something they look forward to by doing it together in a fun way.

6. Dairy Products And Nuts
Add more dairy products and nuts to your child’s diet. Cheese, yoghurt and nuts neutralize acids in the mouth thus protecting their teeth from damage. They are also rich in casein, a substance that keeps the enamel strong and re-mineralizes teeth.

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