Teeth Whitening Downtown Austin

Teeth Whitening at Enamel Dentistry Saltillo
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If you ever feel like your pearly whites are a little less than, well, pearly white, schedule an appointment for teeth whitening at Enamel Dentistry Saltillo! Let’s face it – teeth have it tough when it comes to staining and discoloration. Even the best oral hygiene sometimes just isn’t enough; many foods and beverages can take a toll. The good news? We help Downtown Austin patients have dazzling smiles in no time, with in-office and take-home professional teeth whitening. And, we’ll make sure you have a great time in the process! Enjoy some beer or wine, or even a little Netflix – or just sit back and soak up our fun, friendly, and inclusive atmosphere. Schedule your appointment today!

It’s sad but true: the things we consume can definitely affect the brightness of our smiles. Things like coffee, tea, wine, and tobacco are some of the most common offenders, but even some fruits and vegetables can do a number on your teeth. Medical treatments, dental trauma, and aging can play a factor too! What’s a tooth to do? Professional teeth whitening is the perfect solution. Although you may have tried over the counter teeth whitening products, these tend to produce ho-hum results. Even worse, some of them contain harmful chemicals that can damage your teeth and gums. That’s not the case with professional teeth whitening!

Not only is our teeth whitening treatment safe, but it’s also incredibly effective. In a single appointment, you can brighten your smile by 5 shades or more. If you’re a little worried about blinding your friends and family with your new smile, we also offer take-home teeth whitening kits that offer more gradual (yet still very effective) results. Schedule an appointment, and we’ll send you home with custom whitening trays and professional-grade whitening products! We can also give you tips on how to keep those pearly whites shining bright for years to come.

Bright-white smiles are great, but they’re even better with strong, healthy teeth! Dr. Chodavadia & Dr. Patel can work with you to create a custom-tailored treatment plan for anything you need – from preventive care and BPA-free composite fillings to dental implants and complete cosmetic makeovers. We also have dental technology you won’t find anywhere else – and, we see Downtown Austin patients of all ages! Contact us today to schedule your appointment.