We believe that having cutting edge technology is extremely important in the delivery of dental care. By utilizing technology we rare able to provide top quality care with maximum convenience and comfort for you, that patient.

Digital X-rays

  • Digital X-rays offer a much safer and more convenient option than traditional film X-rays. Digital X-rays require significantly less radiation (less than what is floating around in the air) than tradition.
  • Digital X-rays also offer many different ways that we can view the x-rays that allow for more accurate and consistent diagnosis

Panoramic X-rays

  • We also use a Panoramic X-ray in our office which allows us to view and evaluate the health of your entire oral cavity, TMJ, and to some extent your airway.

Intra-oral Camera

  • Intra-oral cameras allow us to take high quality close up pictures of your teeth so we can areas that may have problems more clearly. It also helps us in explaining treatment so you can actually see what we see in your mouth!