Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Root Canals

A Root Canal, also known as RCT is something most of us have so many queries about. The following is a list of some frequently asked questions that will help anyone planning to get a root canal some helpful and correct information.

Question 1: What Is A Root Canal And What Purpose Does It Solve?

As the name suggests, a Root Canal procedure treats infection deep in the root of the teeth. RCT is normally required when there is extreme inflammation or infection in the tooth (that has reached nerve) caused by tooth decay, defective crowns etc. So during a root canal, the inside of the tooth is cleaned and disinfected carefully to get rid of any inflamed or infected pulp. After this procedure, inside of the tooth is filled and sealed with gutta-percha (a rubber like material). Thereafter the tooth is crowned and filled for protection.

Question 2: What Happens After The Root Canal?

After a root canal procedure, your tooth will be sensitive for a few days but there will be no acute pain. You will be given painkillers to help relieve your pain. The restored tooth will be as good as the natural one and will last just as long without any complications and special care.

Question 3: Is A Root Canal Painful?

Before the root canal procedure starts, your tooth and its surrounding area will be anaesthetized to numb it. After that a small hole will be made down into the canal and the diseased pulp tissues shall be removed with the help of tiny instruments. The whole procedure is not very painful. A root canal relieves you of pain instead of causing pain. Also, advanced treatment options are available nowadays which ensure a pain-free experience.

Question 4: Should I Be Concerned About X-Rays?

If your endodontist uses digital radiography, there is nothing to be concerned about. Digital radiography is an advanced method of taking x-rays by which radiation levels are up to 90 percent lower than x-rays taken by conventional machines generally used for dental purposes.

Question 5: Is It Expensive?

The cost of a root canal session varies from dentist to dentist. It is advisable to get it done as soon as the problem is detected to avoid extractions and bridges in future.

Question 6: Who Will Perform The Root Canal?

An endodontist with specialized training in endodontic treatment will be the best choice.

Thus, proper dental care ensures that repeated infections do not arise later in life. Keep your teeth free of decay by brushing and flossing daily. Eat a diet low in sugar and stay away from acidic beverages. For more information, contact Enamel Dentistry at (512) 717-5315.