Using the Latest Technology for the Best Dental Care in Austin

We’re committed to helping our patients have happy, healthy smiles. But it goes further than that. We also want your dental care to be as convenient and comfortable as possible, which is why we’ve invested in the latest dental technology and equipment. From more precise dental implant planning to goop-free impressions and 3D models, we have technology you won’t find anywhere else in Austin. 

Detailed imaging for better treatment options & outcomes

Dental Cone Beam CT Imaging

Cone Beam CT is a relatively new development that allows our dentists to get clear, detailed, 3D dental imaging of your teeth, bones, and soft tissues. Unlike traditional CT scans, the Cone Beam uses a cone-shaped x-ray beam to take nearly 600 images of your mouth and then assembles them into 3D views. It’s especially helpful for seeing nerves and arteries, or how much bone is present when planning implants. We also use this technology to determine if a root canal is the best treatment option, evaluating fractures, or planning extractions. Before dental cone beam CT imaging, we used to have to wait for the scan and the interpretation before planning treatment; with it, we can do it all in a single office visit.

Comfortable digital impressions without the mess

iTero Digital Impression System

If you’ve had a crown, veneers, or other types of prosthodontic treatment in the past, you likely remember the mess that comes with the ”goop” your dentist used. With iTero, we can get a complete, accurate impression of your mouth and create a 3D model, goop-free. Once the scan is complete, we send the digital file directly to the lab. This allows us to have quicker turnaround times for crowns while ensuring they fit perfectly. 

More effective tartar removal & deep cleaning

Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

In the past, metal instruments were the standard for teeth cleanings. Unfortunately, manual scaling requires active scraping on the surface of the teeth, which can cause damage to the enamel. We use ultrasonic teeth cleaning, which uses high-frequency sound waves that vibrate against your teeth to remove stubborn tartar and stains without harming the enamel. Ultrasonic dental cleaning is also highly effective at cleaning deep pockets in your gums that would be difficult to reach using manual instruments. Using ultrasonic cleanings, we can often limit or even stop the progression of early stages of gum disease; it also allows us to cut down the time it takes for scaling and root planning.  

Thorough pulp removal & disinfection for long-lasting treatment

Ultrasonic Root Canal Treatment 

Traditional root canal treatment methods can make it difficult to thoroughly remove the infected pulp and flush the root canals, which can make root canal procedures more likely to fail. With an ultrasonic root canal, we use high-frequency sound waves to flush out the infected pulp from all areas of the tooth, making sure the chambers are completely disinfected before placing a filling. This greatly reduces the risk of your root canal failing or requiring a second root canal due to undetected canal branches. 

Better treatment outcomes & quicker healing times

Soft Tissue Laser Therapy 

Using soft tissue laser therapy, we can address soft tissue surgery, periodontal treatment, dental implants, and even canker sores, more comfortably than with traditional treatment methods. Laser treatment is very effective at removing dead tissue, encouraging healing, and even stimulating the growth of new tissue. Performing soft tissue therapy with a laser offers better treatment outcomes and quicker healing times because it causes less trauma to the soft tissues and surrounding teeth. In addition, most patients require only minimal anesthetic with laser therapy.