Soft Tissue Laser Therapy

One size fits all? Not in our book. Every patient is different, and that’s why the staff at Enamel Dentistry spends extra time getting to truly know you before diving into the best possible treatment plan. Sometimes, soft tissue laser therapy is a great option for soft tissue surgery and other periodontal procedures. But, before we make that recommendation, we make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed. We are independent and decidedly non-corporate and our Austin offices are overflowing with splashes of color and a friendly vibe. Sit back in one of our comfy couches and order beer, wine, and other amenities from our comfort menu. Play a game or read a book, it’s up to you. As you can see, the reason we respect what makes you unique is that we are a little different too!


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Soft Tissue Laser Therapy

Soft tissue therapy with laser technology allows for precise control during treatment. Diseased areas can be targeted, making procedures less painful. Applications include: 

  • Soft tissue surgery—When done with a laser instead of a scalpel, laser technology results in decreased post-operative pain.
  • Periodontal procedures—Lasers allow us to gain easier access to deeper calculus deposits. This helps us target only damaged tissue, allowing better healing.
  • Implants—Because soft-tissue modification around the implant can be done quickly using laser technology, it minimizes the trauma from the procedure and makes recovery faster and less painful. 
  • Treating canker sores—If you’ve had one, you know they can be painful. Now, instead of just using topical treatment, dentists can use soft tissue therapy with laser technology to promote quick healing. 

Making dentistry fun and focused on you is what we do. Whether you want soft tissue laser therapyperiodontal carefillings, or crowns and bridges, we give you state of the art care and Netflix, wine, hip wall art, and a staff you could actually see yourself being friends with. Contact us today to experience the Enamel Dentistry difference!

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