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Improve Your Smile In A Single Appointment

Bonding, Shaping, Contouring

If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry in Austin, this treatment is one of the few non-invasive procedures that produces results in just one appointment. Dental bonding is used to treat issues like gaps, misshapen or slightly crooked teeth, as well as minor damage. The treatment involves applying a putty-like resin to your teeth and molding it into a more aesthetically-pleasing shape.

Cosmetic Correction With Dental Resin

What Is Dental Bonding?

The concept of dental bonding is similar to a sculptor molding clay into a beautiful, shapely form. During the procedure, one of our dentists will use dental resin to reshape teeth that may be cosmetically flawed due to issues like gaps, minor chips, and discoloration. This resin is applied directly to your tooth and carefully shaped into the proper form. Once it looks perfect, the resin is hardened with a UV light. Afterward, it is perfected and polished until it blends perfectly in with the rest of your smile. The entire process takes less than an hour per tooth and it is completely non-invasive, making it a great option for those who are interested in improving their smiles without oral surgery.

Correcting Adjacent Teeth

What Is Shaping, Contouring, And Enameloplasty?

During the process of dental bonding, you may also need an enameloplasty, which is often referred to as “shaping” or “contouring.” These terms refer to the cosmetic removal of a small layer of enamel from the teeth. Removing enamel allows our dentists to change a tooth's shape and enhance its appearance. For example, contouring can remove small chips or pits in the surface of a tooth, remove “points” from the canines, and correct irregular tooth shapes. Bonding and contouring is a cost-effective way to revitalize your smile.

Enhance Your Smile

The Benefits of Bonding, Shaping, Contouring

  • Correct and restore teeth that are slightly damaged or flawed by large gaps and unappealing shape.
  • Dental bonding can be used with teeth whitening to help treat and cover up stains and restore your smile.
  • Results from dental bonding can last up to 10 years or longer with proper care and precautions.
  • Many patients opt to have most or all of their front teeth treated as a cost-effective alternative to porcelain veneers.

Spruce Up Your Smile