We know no one wants to hear they need root canal therapy, but if you do need it, there’s no better place to go than Enamel Dentistry Lantana Place! Although root canal treatment gets a bad rap, it’s really not that much different than getting a cavity filled. Regardless, we understand that the idea of it might make some Barton Creek patients nervous. That’s OK!

Once you step into our office, you’ll see there’s nothing to fear. Not only will we explain the procedure and what to expect, but we’ll make you as comfortable as possible with beer, wine, Netflix – and maybe even a joke or two! And if our fun, laid-back atmosphere isn’t stress-relieving enough, we also offer three different levels of dental sedation. By the time you leave, we promise you’ll be smiling wider than when you came in!


Few dental procedures have the reputation of root canal therapy – which means there’s a lot of misinformation out there! We’re here to set the record straight. One of the most common fears patients have about the procedure is that it’s painful. In fact, root canal treatment is specifically used to eliminate pain and health risks caused by dental infections. Even better, the procedure can save teeth that might have needed to be extracted years ago – and that’s definitely something to smile about!

With our state-of-the-art technology, getting root canal treatment has never been so comfortable or effective. We combine advanced imaging with ultrasonic technology to ensure you have the best possible outcome. Using Conebeam CT 3D imaging, we take a detailed look at the structure of your tooth to assess whether a root canal procedure is actually needed. We can also see if there are any hidden roots or canals to be aware of – which is important because missing can cause root canals to fail. Drilling into the root of the tooth causes a lot of debris that can be difficult to flush out using traditional methods. Ultrasonics truly allow us to get to the “root” of the issue, by completely removing the infected pulp and debris using high-frequency sound waves. After your tooth has been thoroughly prepped, we’ll place a filling (some patients may also need a crown) and you’ll be on your way!


Had enough dental talk? Fair enough! Get to know us a bit better. We’re an independent female-owned and operated office ran by Dr. Jade Wylie. Dr. Wylie is the guru of all things dentistry with extensive training in general and cosmetic procedures, including sedation and dental implants. She takes a calm, communicative approach, which helps to remove the mystery around dentistry and soothe anxiety. Dr. Wylie’s goal is to offer fear and intimidation-free dental care – and maybe pick up a couple of recommendations for the best tacos in Austin.

Our office is fun, hip, and community-focused, with an inclusive vibe you won’t find anywhere else. So if you’re searching for root canal therapy near Barton Creek, contact us today to schedule an appointment!