Root canal therapy, commonly known as just a “root canal” is a common dental procedure that’s performed on approximately 14 million people each year. It’s a straightforward treatment that has gotten a bad reputation over the years – but as you’ll see, endodontic treatment isn’t much different than getting a filling. Even better, it helps us save teeth and prevent the need for bridges or dental implants!

To understand how endodontic treatment works, let’s start with the structure of teeth. Each tooth has thin canals that run from the root of the tooth into a chamber in the middle that contains a collection of blood vessels in the middle of it, which is called the pulp. In a healthy, undamaged tooth, the pulp is protected from bacteria. If a tooth becomes damaged from cracks, chips, deep decay, or even repeated dental procedures, the pulp inside can become infected. In the past, an infected tooth would require extraction, but root canal therapy can help save the tooth and restore your ability to chew on it normally.


Some Austin TX patients get nervous when they hear the words “root canal” because it used to be a long, uncomfortable procedure. Fortunately, dentistry has come a long way in the past 30 years, and now the procedure can be done quickly and comfortably.

With root canal therapy, we’ll start by giving you a thorough cleaning and then isolate the infected tooth with a dental dam. Our dentists will remove any damage or decay, just like they do with a cavity. Then we’ll disinfect your tooth using ultrasonic technology and place a temporary filling (and crown, if needed). Once your tooth has time to heal, we’ll have you come back in for a follow-up appointment to make sure that your tooth hasn’t become damaged or re-infected. If it all looks good, we’ll place your permanent filling and crown, and you’re good to go! That doesn’t sound so bad, right? Endodontic treatment is very successful and can generally last a lifetime, although occasionally a tooth may need to be re-treated.


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