If you could benefit from restorative dentistry services near Oak Hill, you came to the right place! At Enamel Dentistry Lantana Place, we provide convenient, affordable, and effective dental care for all needs. We want to help you feel good about your smile. 

Additionally, our restorative dentist is friendly, experienced, and professional—so you have nothing to lose! Are you ready to learn more about our services and how they can keep your teeth healthy? Let’s get started! 

The Best Restorative Dentist for You 

At Enamel Dentistry, we are passionate about proper dental care. As such, we offer a variety of restorative dentistry services by Oak Hill. These services include:  

  • Composite Fillings—Remove any decayed and damaged material, then fill the hole left behind with tooth-colored composite to restore and protect the structure of your tooth 
  • Root Canal Therapy—General root canals to remove infection and decay from teeth before they become irreparably damaged 
  • Dental Crowns and Bridges—If you have a tooth that has been damaged by decay or an oral injury, a dental crown can restore and protect its structure 
  • Dental Implants—We always take a communicative, empathetic approach to implant treatment because we know it can seem overwhelming and intimidating 
  • Tooth Extractions—If you have advanced gum disease, a serious tooth infection, or your wisdom teeth are erupting improperly, an extraction will remove the issue and give you a fresh start 
  • Full Dentures—Dentures are both functional and aesthetically pleasing, so you can replace full arches of missing teeth and speak, eat, and smile with confidence  
  • Partial Dentures—You no longer need to suffer from missing teeth 
  • Nitrous Sedation—If you are nervous about an upcoming dental procedure, we offer sedation dentistry for any treatment 
  • Oral Conscious Sedation—One of the most commonly used types of sedation, you just take a pill and will feel calm throughout your treatment 
  • IV Sedation—With deep sedation, you will sleep soundly throughout your entire appointment and have no painful memories of your treatment  

Are you ready to schedule an appointment with our restorative dentist? Now is the time! Don’t delay your dental needs for another minute! 

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