Restorative Dentistry at Enamel Dentistry South Lamar
Just a couple of minutes from Barton Hills!

At Enamel Dentistry South Lamar, we offer complete restorative dentistry to help you have a stronger smile. Whether you have a cavity that’s aching to be addressed or are contemplating a dental implant, we make dental care easy, accessible, and most of all, fun! We also offer a host of state-of-the-art technology designed to make your dental care more comfortable and convenient. So if you’ve been searching for a restorative dentist in the Barton Hills area, don’t wait! Schedule an appointment today to get started on restoring your smile. 

Comprehensive Restorative Dentistry for Your Smile

Damaged teeth can be a thing of the past when you visit our restorative dentists! We offer everything you need to repair and strengthen your teeth, including:

We also offer three levels of sedation to help you feel a little more at ease in the dentist’s chair! 

At your restorative dentistry appointment, you’ll meet with either Dr. Patel or Dr. Gaj, who’ll start by giving you an exam. After they’ve assessed your smile, they’ll let you know what your treatment options are. But don’t worry – as an independent dental office, we don’t do the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach you’d find elsewhere! We take time to get to know you, your needs, and your lifestyle to create a custom-tailored treatment plan that works for you. We also don’t push any treatments because seriously, who likes that?
At Enamel Dentistry, we want all of our Barton Hills patients to feel great about their smiles. That’s why we offer comprehensive dental care, including general and cosmetic dentistry! We also believe that dental care shouldn’t be something dreaded. That’s why we make every visit thoroughly enjoyable with an awesome comfort menu, hip décor, and a fun-loving team that will shower you with good vibes – and even a joke or two! From the moment you set foot in our office, you’ll know our restorative dentistry is anything but ordinary. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!