Preventive Dentistry at Enamel Dentistry Saltillo –
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Preventive dentistry is at the heart of our practice here at Enamel Dentistry Saltillo, and for good reason! We want all our Central East Austin patients to have healthy, happy smiles – and what better way than by heading off issues with preventive dental care? We know visiting the dentist isn’t most people’s idea of a good time, but then again, we’re not your typical dentist! We believe dental care should be fun, accessible, and completely focused on your needs. From our hip office décor and sweet comfort menu to an abundance of jokes and good vibes, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to join us. Fortunately, that can be remedied right now by scheduling an appointment

Do you still need preventive dentistry?

You brush, you floss… Do you still need preventive dentistry? You bet! Preventive dental care is necessary to make sure your hygiene efforts are working as they should. Even though you may brush and floss like a fiend, cavities have a way of developing in hard-to-reach places – and they often have no symptoms in the early stages. Preventive dentistry lets us keep an eye on things and spot cavities or other oral health concerns before they have a chance to get worse. 

Preventive dental care includes:

  • Six-month checkups – These routine visits help ensure your oral health is on the right track. We inspect every nook and cranny to ensure even the smallest cavity or abnormality is caught. 
  • Teeth cleaning – Professional teeth cleaning removes plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums. We also give your pearly whites a polish so your smile stays bright and beautiful!
  • Fluoride treatments – Fluoride treatments help prevent tooth decay from progressing into a cavity. We apply a high-concentrated fluoride compound to your teeth, which remineralizes and strengthens the damaged enamel. 
  • Dental sealants – Molars are hard to reach, which means they’re more likely to get cavities. Dental sealants shield your teeth from direct contact with bacteria, acid, and food particles. Even better, they can last up to 10 years! 
  • Oral cancer screenings – Oral cancer screenings help to detect oral cancer in its early stages to ensure the best patient outcomes. 

We also offer restorative and cosmetic dentistry, so no matter what your smile needs, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Enamel! Contact us today to schedule your appointment and get started on a healthier, happier smile.