Preventive Dentistry
Just a couple of minutes from Barton Hills!

Preventive dentistry is the best way to keep your smile strong and healthy – which is why we make it a focus at Enamel Dentistry South Lamar! Just like you visit the doctor for yearly physicals or bring your car to the mechanic for oil changes, regular 6-months dental exams prevent issues from developing. We know many people don’t enjoy the dentist, so it might be tempting to skip out on your preventive dental care. You won’t feel that way when you visit Enamel! We make every visit fun and completely focused on you. If you’re searching for dental services near Barton Hills, schedule an appointment with us to see how enjoyable a trip to the dentist can be!

Find Everything Service You Need for a Healthy Smile!

At Enamel Dentistry, we offer everything you need to keep your smile healthy! Although you may brush and floss regularly, oral health concerns can still pop up. And when they do, we’ll be there to nip ‘em in the bud! 

Our preventive dentistry services include:

  • Six-month checkups – Routine exams ensure your oral health is on track by catching cavities, soft areas in the enamel, or other issues. 
  • Teeth cleaning – Professional teeth cleaning gets in to all the places your toothbrush and floss can’t reach. We also give you a polish, for an extra pearly white smile.
  • Fluoride treatments – We use a high-concentrated fluoride compound to help remineralize your teeth and strengthen damaged enamel. 
  • Dental sealants – Using dental sealant, we can give your hard-to-reach molars an extra line of defense against bacteria, acid, and food particles!

We also provide oral cancer screenings at every 6-month exam, so we can catch any abnormalities early. Early detection is especially important with oral cancers because they often don’t have any symptoms until they’ve progressed to the later stages. 

Considering restorative or cosmetic dentistry at some point? We’ve gotcha covered! We offer everything our Barton Hills patients need for their smiles. And anytime you visit us, you’re sure to have a great time. We know that’s not what most people expect at the dentist, but then, we’re not like other dental offices! Enjoy some wine, beer, coffee, or other great amenities from our comfort menu. You’ll love our fun, friendly team and positive, inclusive atmosphere. Contact us today!