Full Mouth Reconstruction

Enamel Dentistry is excited to announce our partnership with Union Implantology, Austin’s premier dental implant facility!
With this partnership, we’re extending the level of care for patients who are in need of a full-mouth restoration. Dental implants have revolutionized reconstructive dental care but they haven’t necessarily been convenient for patients. Traditionally, it could take between 9-10 visits to multiple offices, plus waiting for the lab to create the implant.

Union Implantology speeds up this process by offering everything you need to have high-quality dental implants all under one roof. They specialize in the design, surgical implantation, and custom fabrication, ensuring your implants are as stress and pain-free as possible. Since all crowns, bridges, and dental implants are created in-house, you can enjoy a restored smile quicker and at a fraction of the cost of other clinics.

Am I a Good Candidate for Full Mouth Restoration?

Full mouth restoration involves treatment to address rebuilding, restoring or replacing all or most of the teeth on the upper or lower jaws. It differs from a cosmetic makeover in that the focus is on restoring the health and function of your mouth, rather than the appearance of your smile.

You may be a good candidate for full mouth restoration if you have multiple dental complications or concerns like cracked, broken, decayed, or missing teeth.

How Can I Receive a Consultation?

If you’d like to learn more about full-mouth restorations, contact Enamel Density for a free 30-minute consultation at either our Saltillo or Lantana Place locations. We’ll assess your oral health and if you qualify, you’ll receive a referral for a free consultation with Union Implantology to discuss your options. Union Implantology accepts payment plans as well as financing through CareCredit.

Contact us today at Enamel Dentistry Saltillo or Lantana Place to schedule your free 30-minute consultation with 3D scans!

In 1952, the Swedish orthopedic surgeon Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark made a miraculous discovery.  Not only is titanium perfectly safe to insert into human bone, it actually fuses to it.  This handshake phenomenon between titanium and bone is called osseointegration.  Dental implants are titanium fixtures that actually meld with the jawbone of the patient to help permanently replace a single tooth, or even a full set of teeth.  Since pioneering the very first dental implant years ago, Dr. Branemark’s discovery successfully paved the way for millions more to come.

Dental Implant Anatomy 101

Who are dental implants for?

Over half of the people on Earth are missing one or more teeth.  Any missing tooth can be potentially replaced with an implant.  Regardless of whether it has been lost due to disease, trauma, or a congenital defect, dental implants provide the best permanent replacement solution available.

What makes us different

Why Union?

Predictability.  Beauty.  
Functionality.  Longevity.

Anything else is below our standard.  We do not believe in neglecting missing teeth, monitoring diseased teeth, or providing our patients with anything less than rock solid care.

Welcome to the future of implantology.