Cosmetic Dentist at Enamel Dentistry Saltillo

Just a couple of minutes from Downtown Austin!

When you’re searching for a cosmetic dentist in downtown Austin, make your first call to Enamel Dentistry Saltillo! Not only do we offer exceptional dental care and all the cosmetic services you’ll need, but we also make every visit fun and enjoyable. Don’t think fun and cosmetic dentist should be used in the same sentence? We’re sure one visit will change your mind! You’ll love our friendly, inclusive office, hip art, and state-of-the-art technology you won’t find anywhere else. But that’s not all! We also give you all the comforts of home, including beer, wine, kombucha, cold-brew coffee, Netflix, noise-cancelling headphones, cozy blankets, and more. You won’t find all that at a typical dentist’s office! And since we’re independently owned and operated by Dr. Chodavadia & Dr. Patel, we’re also decidedly un-corporate, so you can look forward to personal, individualized care. Contact us today to schedule your cosmetic dentistry appointment!

Do you wish your smile was a little brighter? Maybe you have a chip in your front tooth, or you with your teeth had a little more consistent appearance overall. Whether it’s something minor or a little more conspicuous, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry services to help you smile with confidence, including:

  • Teeth whitening – You deserve to have the pearliest of pearly whites! Have your teeth professionally whitened in the office – or take home some whitening trays for more gradual whitening. 
  • Porcelain veneers – Do you have imperfections like staining, discoloration, chips, or slightly crooked teeth? Veneers can enhance your smile and give you a fresh, new look. 
  • Invisalign – Straighten your teeth in less time than normal braces – and without any of the hassle!
  • Bonding, shaping, contouring – Treat issues like gaps, misshapen or slightly crooked teeth, or other types of minor damage in a single office visit.
  • Cosmetic makeovers – Have more than one type of cosmetic issue you’d like to address? A cosmetic makeover can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

As a cosmetic dentist, we know how important it is to feel good about the appearance of your smile. However, cosmetic dental treatments aren’t all about looks – many of them have health benefits as well! For example, moving your teeth into a better position with Invisalign not only gives you a straight smile, but it also makes it easier for you to clean between your teeth and gums, reducing your risk of gum disease. It’s also been proven that patients who take pride in the cosmetic aspects of their smile are more likely to care for their teeth and gums with proper oral hygiene habits. You deserve a beautiful smile that makes you feel proud! So if you’ve been searching for cosmetic dentistry in downtown Austin, schedule your appointment at Enamel Dentistry today!