Wisdom Teeth: Worth The Risk?

office15If you’ve heard any buzz about wisdom teeth, it probably isn’t good. Unfortunately, this third set of molars is known for causing problems. Because wisdom teeth are positioned in the far back of your mouth, lack of jaw space is a common obstacle to for these final molars to emerge properly. Without adequate room, wisdom teeth can get impacted, infected or partially erupt, which can threaten your smile comfort and sabotage your oral health. For these reasons, your dentist may suggest that you have your wisdom teeth removed or extracted.

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Teeth Whitening: Why Go To Your Dentist?

Austin TX Cosmetic DentistTeeth whitening continues to be the most sought-after cosmetic dental procedure. This comes to no surprise considering that whiter teeth can improve your self-confidence, make you look younger and even boost your professional career. Unfortunately, certain foods and drinks, lifestyle habits and the aging process can all cause your teeth look yellow or dull with time.

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