It’s Time To Discuss Your Bad Breath

Austin TX General DentistAre you constantly trying to cover up your bad breath? Bad breath, or halitosis, is an embarrassing condition, and if you don’t treat it at its source, your efforts of mints and chewing gum can be futile. Chronic halitosis goes beyond “garlic breath” after eating Italian or the common morning breath that we all experience. Patients who suffer from bad breath on a daily basis, regardless of what they’ve eaten or if they’ve brushed that morning, should consider working with a dentist to get to the root cause. In some cases, bad breath can be a warning sign of something more serious going on in your mouth or your body.

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4 Rules for Toothbrush Storage

Austin TX DentistDo you brush your teeth twice a day? Congratulations on a job well done. However, your responsibilities don’t end after you rinse and spit. The way you store your toothbrush in between brushing sessions can have a notable impact on your oral health. Are you sabotaging your oral hygiene efforts by storing your toothbrush the wrong way?

Multiple studies show that your toothbrush can harbor a high volume of microorganisms that can cause oral infections, these include microorganisms from your mouth as well as from the environment. Our job should be to store the toothbrush in a way that reduces or eliminates environmental bacteria from traveling and clinging to your toothbrush bristles. After all, those bacteria will only get transferred to your teeth the next time you brush!

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The Dangers of Neglecting a Root Canal

Austin TX Painless Root CanalsIf you’ve been told by a dentist that you need root canal therapy, or endodontics, don’t dismiss it as an optional procedure or one you can put off months down the road. Root canal therapy is designed to not only relieve your tooth pain, but to also save your natural tooth from needing an extraction.

Patients tend to neglect root canal therapy because they are scared or intimidated by the procedure or they can’t afford the treatment. Both scenarios are unfounded if you choose Enamel Dentistry. Not only do we perform painless root canal therapy under modern anesthetics, but we also offer easy financing plans to ensure your budget never stands in the way of your oral health.

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A Toothpaste Shopping Guide

Austin TX DentistsAll dentists agree that patients should brush twice a day for optimal oral health. This means you will buy countless tubes of toothpaste over the course of your lifetime. If you’ve ever gone to the supermarket or drug store to buy toothpaste, however, you will quickly discover that there is more than one variety. In fact, choosing a brand and type of toothpaste can be an overwhelming task. While some of it comes down to your personal preferences, like gel or paste, there are some core components that you need to make sure your toothpaste has. Remember that the primary purpose of your toothpaste is to fight cavities and disease.

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Understanding Dental Anxiety

Austin TX General DentistryDental anxiety can range from a simple annoyance to a paralyzing obstacle that keeps you from getting routine dental care. However, one thing is for certain; if you have dental anxiety, you are not alone. According to Colgate, 9% to 15% of Americans avoid seeing the dentist because of anxiety and fear. Dental anxiety can involve many symptoms, including a racing heart, sweaty palms, or even shortness of breath. This anxiety can be triggered when you sit down in the dental chair or just from the thought of going to the dentist. Understanding dental anxiety is important, as it can help you validate your condition and be more open to discussing your concerns with your dentist. Most modern dental offices, such as Enamel Dentistry, offer sedation dentistry as an effective means to address your dental anxiety and give you the comfortable, relaxed dental experience you deserve.

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Pregnant? Don’t Skip Your Dental Appointments

Austin TX PeriodontistIf you are an expectant mother, you likely have a calendar full of doctor appointments and checkups to attend. However, in your quest to monitor your baby and your body during these nine months, don’t forget your teeth and gums. In fact, your oral health is a critical component of your pregnancy. Not only do pregnancy hormones affect your dental health, but there are certain oral health conditions that can affect your unborn baby too! It is important that you make time for your routine dental cleanings and exams during this special time.

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Dental Bonding: The Easy Smile Fix

Improving the appearance of your smile doesn’t always have to involve a complete overhaul. In fact, there are a number of people who hide their smile because of one or two minor flaws. While you may reside to live with that discolored tooth or minor gap between your teeth, there is a simple and affordable solution to consider. Dental bonding is the ideal fix for small imperfections in your teeth, which we know can feel like major threats to your overall appearance. 

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Do You Need A New Crown?

Austin TX Restorative DentistryDental crowns are an excellent and time-tested means of restoring a tooth. Crowns are used when a tooth has been damaged beyond what a dental filling can repair (either due to trauma or decay). While modern dentistry offers beautiful custom crowns with improved durability, they are not meant to last a lifetime. The average crown will last about 15 to 20 years.

If you have had your crown for several years, you may need to watch for signs of failure. There are a variety of things can that occur that warrants a crown replacement. If a crown needs to be replaced, it is important that you do it sooner rather than later to protect the health of your underlying tooth.

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4 Steps To Follow When A Tooth Gets Knocked Out

OurTeamAccidents happen. Just like the bones of our body can get injured or broken, your teeth can become damaged or get knocked out during trauma. While you may be plagued with shock or devastation to learn that a secondary tooth has come out of your mouth, what you do in the following minutes can mean the difference in permanently parting with your natural tooth or making it possible for your dentist to reattach it. Yes, an avulsed tooth can be reattached. However, there are some careful steps that need to be followed to increase your chances of success.

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